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Charles  1st groat mm rose 1644 Exeter mint

Charles 1st groat mm rose 1644 Exeter mint

SKU: d147945au

Charles I 1644 Groat Exeter Mint, mm rose

crowned bust left, value IIII in field behind, date at start of legend with beaded borders surrounding both sides, initial mark rose, 1644 CAROLVS. D. G. M. B. F. ET. H. REX,rev.oval quartered shield of arms, beaded circles and legend surrounding, CHRISTO. AVSPICE. REGNO, weight (Brooker 1071; N.2579; S.3088).Toned very fine for issue and rare.

The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Charles by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland"; and on the reverse "I reign under the auspice of Christ."

The City of Exeter was captured on 4th September 1643 by Prince Maurice. The mint of an uncertain location received a new commission dated 3rd January 1643/4 to Vyvyan regularizing the function of the mint and to hand over the moneys to the governor Sir John Berkeley or his deputy. The mint continued to operate until the end of 1645 old style but the City surrendered officially on 13th April 1646. An inventory taken in 1647 of Vyvyan's goods values mint equipment at £15 including 23 upper and 23 under stamps, uncut dies and punches which were used in a rocker press. The accounts partially survive and show between 20th October 1643 and 2nd April 1644 that £1,460 worth of coins were minted.

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