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Elizabeth 1st sixpence 1568 mm coronet £135

In 1568, Queen Elizabeth I of England faced significant political and religious challenges. One of the most notable events of that year was the flight of Mary, Queen of Scots, to England.

Mary Stuart, who had been forced to abdicate the Scottish throne in favor of her infant son James VI after a series of political upheavals, sought Elizabeth's protection. Elizabeth, wary of Mary's potential claim to the English throne and her Catholic support, decided to imprison her. Mary was held in various castles and manor houses for the next 19 years, which became a source of ongoing tension and intrigue.

This event was pivotal because it intensified the religious and political conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, both within England and across Europe. Elizabeth's decision to detain Mary also had far-reaching implications for her reign, contributing to the complex web of conspiracies, plots, and diplomatic maneuvers that characterized her time as queen.

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Henry v111 groat £225

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